Books as author or editor

The French New Wave: Critical Landmarks

Edited by Peter Graham, with Ginette Vincendeau

Palgrave · 2009

An enlarged and updated edition of a collection of essays and reviews by André Bazin and the leading lights of the rival magazines, Positif and Cahiers du cinéma, originally published as The New Wave by Secker and Warburg in 1968.

Mourjou: The Life and Food of an Auvergne Village

Viking · 1998 · 230 pp

The portrait of an Auvergne village and its culinary traditions. Published in France by La Table Ronde in 2000 as Mourjou, traditions et recettes d'un village d'Auvergne in a translation by the author.

Classic Cheese Cookery

Penguin · 1988 · 401 pp

Winner of the 1988 André Simon Memorial Award. A historical collection of cheese recipes chiefly from France, Britain and Italy.

International Herald Tribune Guide to Business Travel and Entertainment: Europe

Thames and Hudson · 1983

An overview of hôtels and above all restaurants in Europe's top business capitals.

A Dictionary of the Cinema

Tantivy · 1964 · 160 pp

A slim volume with an alphabetical film index.

Books as translator

The Battle of the Sexes in French Cinema: 1930-1956

Noël Burch and Geneviève Sellier

Duke · 2014

A new and original approach to French cinema before the advent of the New Wave.

A Good Man in Evil Times

José-Alain Fralon

Carroll & Graf · 2001

How Aristides de Sousa Mendes, the Portuguese consul in Bordeaux, saved thousands of fleeing refugees, most of them Jews, by issuing them with visas enabling them to escape to neutral Portugal in 1940.

Freud’s Self-Analysis

Didier Anzieu

The Hogarth Press · 1986

A detailed account of how Sigmund Freud came to formulate psychoanalysis.

Cuisine Niçoise

Jacques Médecin

Penguin · 1983

A collection of recipes of Niçois dishes by the former mayor of Nice.

The Art of the Maya

Henri Stierlin

Evergreen · 1981

A lavish photographic book on the art and architecture of the Maya.

The Lost World of the Impressionists

Alice Bellony-Rewald

Weidenfeld & Nicholson · 1976

An evocation of the life and times, as well as the art, of the Impressionists.

The Cinema of Luis Buñuel

Freddy Buache

Tantivy · 1973

An account of the life and films of Luis Buñuel up to 1973.